KitKat Cake

Sometimes decorating cakes can be really hard. When I found out how to make these KitKat cakes I could just not help myself. It’s the easiest way to décor a cake. All it takes is just some icing to […] Read More


This is probably one of the easiest and tastiest desserts ever. Every function I attend I always seem to be making this cheesecake and its always been a hit. It’s extremely easy to make and can be decorated in […] Read More


Looking for a recipe for some scrumptious eclairs? After Numerous attempts to try and make them I have finally found the perfect recipe that works. See below. Ingredients: ½ Cup Fish Oil 1 Cup Hot Water 1 Cup Cake […] Read More

Party Planning

For the past few months, I have been helping some of my family members planning their kids birthdays. For many mom’s I know this can be a daunting experience. Sometimes the budget is not there or you just don’t […] Read More

Candy Coated Popcorn

Looking for a perfect candy-coated popcorn recipe? Try the recipe below. I got this recipe off The Recipe Rebel Website. The popcorn is perfect for parties, events or just to snack on. I packaged them into little bags for […] Read More

Ramadan Breakfast Ideas Week 3

Cant believe we in week 3 already! The days are going by so fast. Below you will find the download for this week’s ideas. Ramadan Breakfast Ideas Week 3 Love, AY Ps: Have an amazing long weekend.  

Sweetiebox Review

Loved everything about the Sweetiebox. The easy to use online service, the amazing packaging, and the excitement of not knowing what everything would taste like. I’m not really a sweet person but thought why not just try the Sweetiebox […] Read More

Training For Your First Marathon?

So I’ve asked Fabian Collins to share his marathon plan with me. Below he gives a summary of what he has put together for his members in the Northern Suburbs. You can follow their progress on the link provided […] Read More